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Following our successful launch in 2016, Film Expo South has become one of the most important and exciting dates in the year for hundreds of regional film makers. 


Not only can they network and forge new relationships, but they can also hear top notch speakers who are happy to share their insights, experience and expertise.


Over the past three years, we’ve hosted Directors, Production Managers, Acting Coaches, Scriptwriters, Film Financiers and Cinematographers, and welcomed Special Effects, Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Editing, Visual Effects, Music, Media Law, Film Festivals and much more.


All under one roof. All in one day.


We’re proud to be part of the creative hub


Besides helping you to connect, we’re delighted to inspire many creatives in the south, including many start-ups, prompting the appearance of new festivals and events.


Year 4 we are concentrating on new initiatives for Film Funding. 


 If you would like to be part of FILM EXPO SOUTH whether to Exhibit, Speak or Sponsor,

please email:



2017 Video Interview by Stephen Slominski for Eastleigh News and BBC South Today

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