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Music and Film

DiElle / DiElleMusicUK on Thu 2 Feb

'There are occasionally eureka moments - off the top of my head, maybe Darth Vader's theme, you know, the Imperial March.' John Williams

And where would we be without the Imperial March? Check out this 14second clip where it has been replaced!

From the many shred videos you can find on YouTube, it is easy to see how much music can effect our reaction to what we see on the screen.

The Dogme Manifesto:

Sam Klein - Bournemouth University on Wed 30 Nov

The Dogme Manifesto: A cause for Celebration.


At the Odéon Theatre in Paris 1995 the film community was gathered to celebrate the centenary of Cinema. 100 years prior, the Lumiére brothers recorded their film ‘L'arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat (1885) which is simply translated as: The arrival of a train at the Ciotat station. This short film is widely regarded as the ‘birth of cinema’ and legend since its initial screening has been circulating for years. It is said people ran and screamed

Eastleigh Film Festival

The Point, Eastleigh on Tue 30 Aug

Industry day At this years event we merge the Industry and Careers Day to create an event filled with networking opportunities and practical workshops aimed at everyone interested in a career in film. So if youre a student, a budding filmmaker, a graduate, or anyone in-between, this day curated by Film Expo South is for you. Thursday 29th September The Point, Leigh Road, Eastleigh, S050 9DE

Ida Frank - Platinum Winner 2016

Ida Frank on Thu 25 Aug

Half a year has gone by since I walked through the doors at the AGEAS Bowl into Film Expo South on 4th February 2016. Nervous, excited and motivated, the first time setting my feet in Southampton, ready to give it all.  I braced myself for the amazing opportunity...



Eamon Yates on Sat 13 Feb

What is Film Expo South?

Film Expo South is the amazing brain child of Gillian Tully, an actress and entrepreneur from Southampton. Designed to bring filmmakers of any field together into one place for networking, exposure, passion, collaboration and sheer enjoyment of the craft that we all know and love.

Christmas is a time for.......Film Making!!

Betty Western - (Howdy Partner.......) on Tue 22 Dec

Excitement is building here at Film Expo South towers and we’re not just talking about Christmas! With just 6 weeks to go, our little elves are dashing through the snow (OK, cut me some artistic slack), getting things ready for our big day on 4th February 2016.

Lots of highly experienced

Simon Morice - ICM Reporting on Sun 6 Dec

Lots of highly experienced film and broadcast people who work at the studios in and around London live in this locality. And Pinewood is overflowing, the industry is in great shape. But in the business life of this part of the South these things are pretty much a secret. So Gilly's project to help reinforce our creative identity is appealing.

So you're a writer – Not a Fighter?

Sam James Klein - Bournemouth University on Fri 4 Dec

So you are a writer – but don’t enter writing competitions?

We’ve all been there.

That dreaded point in a conversation when you have told someone you are a ‘writer’ – and then are stuck to tell them what it is you have actually done recently. Until you have actually finished and exposed a project out for criticism and people to see, you cannot say you are a ‘writer’ – you are simply someone who dabbles in it in their spare time.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why you should...........

Giuseppe Mineo - Bournemouth University on Wed 2 Dec

Film is a collaborative medium and, especially at the beginning of your career, you need people believing in your idea firmly enough to commit their time to it.

Now, how do you find like-minded people and convince them to collaborate? Networking!

Here’s my top 5 reasons why you should attend a networking event like the Film Expo South.


Sam Klein - Bournemouth University on Mon 23 Nov


It is common knowledge amongst film professionals and those aspiring to earn the same title, that the epicentre for the British film industry is London. A staggering three - quarters of UK produced films come out from the London film mill each year; contributing over £3bn to the capitals economy.

But why London?


GenArts on Tue 27 Oct

We're excited to see new events like Film Expo South bring together filmmaking and video production communities that are located outside the major industry hubs. It's especially great to see Film Expo South make use of the strong university presence in Southern England to connect students and young professionals with industry experts.

In support of this event, we're donating four

BFX Festival

Gillian Tully on Sun 4 Oct

Last week Film Expo South spent 3 days down at the BFX Event where we received lots of interest from the students for next years event and the script competition.

Bournemouth is oozing with SFX talent and we were

Well hello there

Gillian on Tue 22 Sep

Well hello there and welcome to Film Expo South!

In the run up to our inaugural event on 4th February 2016, I hope to share with you some of the forthcoming attractions, interesting snippets and news surrounding this exciting event. Check in regularly, or follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more updates.

I often get asked how it all came about,


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