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Here’s my top 5 reasons why you should attend a networking event like the Film Expo South.

Giuseppe Mineo
on Wed 2 Dec

Film is a collaborative medium and, especially at the beginning of your career, you need people believing in your idea firmly enough to commit their time to it.

Now, how do you find like-minded people and convince them to collaborate? Networking!

Here’s my top 5 reasons you should attend a networking event like the Film Expo South.


  1. Learn valuable lessons

This kind of event usually features speakers with a wealth of experience coming from all over the world. They all are highly motivated and want to share their expertise with you. Try and make the most of the event by attending as many sessions as possible. It will be exhausting but extremely rewarding.

  1. “Crew up” for your current project

As I said earlier, film is a collaborative medium. You will need a producer, crew and cast in order to make your film. People will need to believe in your idea, so you need to communicate it well. If you meet someone that could be interested in working with you, try to reel them in with a 30 second casual pitch, outlining your idea and your vision.

  1. Meet your next employer

Festivals and expos are usually full of people who are well positioned in the industry. If you’re a freelancer and you play your cards right, you might even land your next job. Oh and, speaking of cards, don’t forget your business cards!

  1. Increase your visibility

Being around for networking events shows that you want to collaborate and gives you the chance to show your work and share your ideas. Signing up to events like pitch factor, pitch fest or competitions is a great way to increase your visibility.

  1. Boost your creativity

After a full day of full immersion, you will find yourself wanting to write and make films 24 hours a day! Your creative juices will be flowing, intensifying your passion and lifting up your spirit.

Long story short: you need to work hard to get valuable contacts. Work your way through the industry starting from networking events.

As the old aphorism says:

“It’s not what you know….. It’s who you know.”


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