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Ida Frank - Platinum Winner 2016

Baggins Book Bazaar
Baggins Book Bazaar 2
Medway River 1
Medway Riverside
Rochester High Street
on Thu 25 Aug

Half a year has gone by since I walked through the doors at the AGEAS Bowl into Film Expo South on 4th February 2016. Nervous, excited and motivated, the first time setting my feet in Southampton, ready to give it all.  I braced myself for the amazing opportunity I had received, reaching the top 10 finalists and being able to pitch my idea and script in front of a professional industry panel of judges.


A lot has happened since then and I am now more excited than ever to let you know how the planning and producing is coming along. Planning a short film is definitely something that takes a lot of dedication and patience. For me, it is a kind of jigsaw puzzle, where all the pieces have to fit together at the right place to get the final pattern or picture in the end. Basically, the short film is coming along just like that. Little by little, people have come on board, locations are being cleared and actors have been chosen.



 The main locations of the production will be in the Kent area,  Medway River, Rochester Highstreet and Baggins Book Bazar. We are also looking at possibilities to shoot something in London as well, but it is not certain yet. Pictures of the locations confirmed so far at this point are attached, and further work on clearing permissions is ongoing. 



Finding actors is a big part of the puzzle to put the story together. This summer in July I travelled from Norway to London to hold casting for the production. I rented a very urban and cool apartment from a Photographer and cast for a duration of three days for several roles. The actors have been chosen and their names and roles will be released in the nearest future. 


When I entered my script into the competition last year, I never believed I would get the chances and opportunities that are being put in front of me today. I never thought I would win, but what I did, was believe in my story. I could see it had potential, and hopefully the first round of judges would feel the same way.


Getting to top 10 was a win in itself for me! I would never in a million years have thought the story would take me as far as to win first prize. I am truly thankful, that my story reached through and made others see the potential in the story and the potential in me.


The Production

A production itself cannot come together unless more people join in, and if there is one thing I am extremely grateful for, it is the contacts and people I have been able to make and connect with through  Film Expo South. Not only have some of my fellow students at the University for The Creative Arts come on board, but also industry professionals, combining a crew through the same passion – ‘Creating and Creatively making Film.’ It is a group who forms a vast range of people at different stages in the industry, students, professionals combined from different places and countries - and this film will help us all work together merging our different skills, working towards a united goal. Expressing the story to its rightfully potential.



Director & Writer - Ida Frank

Director of Photography - Thomas Shawcroft

Camera-Cinematographer - Dan Tonkin

Production Manager - Adele Faldetta 

Casting Director - Patricia C. Dixon 

Graphic Designer - Liselotte Hauer Kind


BTS - Behind the Scenes Crew

Producer & Director - Imogen Polycarpou

Cinematography - Joshua Jones


Video Production Company



And you know what? The crew keeps expanding! It is so much fun to see how many people are interested and passionate to invest their time in my production. I am forever grateful!


I also have to give a big shout out to the founder of Film Expo South, Gillian Tully. Gillian has mentored me since the event in Feb, through the past six months and continues to do so. Always available, helpful, solution orientated and most of all supporting. I honestly do not know what I would have done without you! You´re a star, thank you.



If I were to give this year's contestants any advice in their preparation for the pitch. It would be to believe in your own story. Don't just know the facts of how you imagine your story to look like, be the story and express its moments with confidence. Be proud but humble about your creation, and go out on that stage knowing in your heart that to you, the story has already won in your own eyes. Your passion will reflect through your connection to what you say.


Looking forward to seeing you, at Film Expo South 2017. 





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