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Lots of highly experienced film and broadcast people

on Sun 6 Dec

Lots of highly experienced film and broadcast people who work at the studios in and around London live in this locality. And Pinewood is overflowing, the industry is in great shape. But in the business life of this part of the South these things are pretty much a secret. So Gilly's project to help reinforce our creative identity is appealing.

If you have worked in the film and broadcast industries you'll know that they are essentially collaborative. Productions are projects, they have a fixed life and people come together in temporary pursuit of a goal. The best projects have the quality of being unique; Why would you make the same film over and over?

The nature of this work is that people must communicate easily and effectively, which generally  produces a great work environment. It may come as some surprise, but there are lots of very experienced people in Hampshire and Isle of Wight. Many had and still have careers that regularly take them to Hollywood and Pinewood. Many of them have prestigious nominations and awards. This should enable this part of the South to be a vibrant and exciting production area. 

But, in spite of the people and projects they work on, big productions don't come here. “Portswood" has yet to establish itself in the geography of the moving image and the local skill base is mostly a secret. So it was with great delight that I accepted Gilly's request to interview some of the people who have made significant contributions to the industry. It has been great fun to meet and interview folk who are giving their time and expertise to make Gilly's Film Expo South significant. And in times when we are exhorted by governments to become more entrepreneurial it seems that there was a great opportunity on our doorstep. Let's go get it!


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