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Well hello there and welcome to Film EXpo South!

Film Expo South
on Tue 22 Sep

Well hello there and welcome to Film Expo South!

In the run up to our inaugural event on 4th February 2016, I hope to share with you some of the forthcoming attractions, interesting snippets and news surrounding this exciting event. Check in regularly, or follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more updates.

I often get asked how it all came about, along with other questions, such as “Are you mad?!” But in all seriousness, having returned to acting after life in civvy street, it seemed to me that there were lots of networking events and many different specialist groups for actors and filmmakers like me but none that brought the two together as a place to ‘collaborate, inspire and engage’ as we like to say.

I also live in the vibrant city of Southampton, with a wealth of filmmaking talent, locations and opportunities that it seemed obvious to me that we needed to do something…right here, right now!

So here we are, ready to help aspiring filmmakers and professionals alike, get together to share and learn and be inspired to do what we all get up in the morning for!

Hooray for Hollywood?

Shout out for Southampton more like!

Gillian Tully, CEO & Founder


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