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We're excited to see new events like Film Expo South

on Tue 27 Oct

We're excited to see new events like Film Expo South bring together filmmaking and video production communities that are located outside the major industry hubs. It's especially great to see Film Expo South make use of the strong university presence in Southern England to connect students and young professionals with industry experts.

In support of this event, we're donating four Sapphire 9 licenses as prizes. Sapphire is a suite of plugins for editing, compositing, and motion graphics, and is used at leading studio, broadcast, and post-production facilities around the world. 

To further encourage rising film professionals, we're offering free 1-year Sapphire licenses to current students in video production and animation. You can apply for your license at our Sapphire for Students page.

Thank you Film Expo South for inviting us to be a part of this event!


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