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Ben Wicks

Ben Wicks

Multi nominated director, Ben Wicks, has been making films since the age of 10. Honing his skills in directing and writing, Benjamin undertook a BA in Film Production and subsequently an MA in Digital Media. 


Now 24, his body of work includes short film, television pilots and music videos which has gained the respect of industry professionals. Building a strong show reel has enabled him to take on creative assistant roles for top UK commercial and music video directors, as well as gaining him a firm foothold within television production.


The pilot of his recent three-part drama, ‘Red Light’ (starring ‘Shameless’ star Karen Bryson), is currently being considered for commissioning by two prestigious production companies. Ben and his company Shoreditch Pictures are currently in pre-production of their first period short, ‘The Wynters Men’ and their first comedy short, ‘Blowing Dad’.

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