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Irving Martin, Director/Producer

Irving Martin

Irving Martin worked in music production representing some of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry including Warner Brothers, Universal, CBS, Decca, United Artists,  EMI, Columbia, Island Pictures, Orion Filmways, MGM, Paramount and Embassy Pictures, to name but a few.


Irving has been involved in the film and music industry for over 40 years and as well as being an accomplished musician and composer, he was Head of Music for ATV Network / ITC Films.


Over the years, Irving has fulfilled many roles covering Promotion, Film Music Supervisor to Executive Producer and currently directs his own productions.


Irving has been involved in many high end film productions including: Sophie’s Choice, The Voyage of the Damned, Capricorn One, On Golden Pond, The Boys From Brazil, Cassandra Crossing, The Eagle Has Landed, The Stepfather, The Jazz Singer, Honky Tonk Freeway, Silence In The North, Scarface, The Four Seasons All Night Long, Greystoke, Out of Africa, Ghandi, Stir Crazy, Emerald Forest and Excalibur.


Irving has also worked on many well know TV Series: The Return Of The Saint for which he co-wrote the theme music and contributed greatly to the score of The Sweeney (Thames) Love Boat, Fantasy Island and several other 70s and 80s series.


As well as film and TV, Irving has produced lots of successful Albums totalling over 30 Gold, 10 Platinum and worked with many great artists. There's a triple Platinum (for The Messiah with the  John Alldis, LPO and LPO Chorus) and a Dove award and Grammy nomination in there as well.


He set up the most successful trailer and promo house in Europe, Scores Ltd,  with notable excursions into, Flash Dance, the launch of Sky TV, the reworking of the Pathé Library – A Year To Remember - that sold over 3m copies and the Make ‘Em Laugh series for Thames.  He then went on to Working Title as Producer without Portfolio (’91) working across the Polygram/Phonogram group where he created synergies and promotions internationally for the group and subsidiaries.  For the Universal group of which Working Title was a part, he developed the 360 degree promotion concept - started with Reservoir Dogs which pretty much changed the way that films and video were promoted for the industry from that point forward .


Now Chairman of start-up Holographic/CGI production Co Emozion, Irving works with entrepreneurs mainly in the sales, entertainment and music areas developing and monetising their ideas.



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