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“Film Expo South delivered exactly what it said it would...Itasca Films will again be supporting it in 2017, so see you all there.”

Malcolm Walker, Producer/Director and CEO, Itasca Films Ltd

“MOFILM had a very successful day at the inaugural Film South Expo in February. Our aim was to meet as many filmmakers as possible to tell them about the opportunity that MOFILM offers them to build their careers. Thanks to a well-positioned stand and the opportunity to give two seminars during the day, we more than met our objectives. We spoke to dozens of interested filmmakers and lots of them signed up to our site immediately. This was great as it meant we could calculate the return on investment, something that is often tricky to do with speaking opportunities. We met with some interesting companies and are investigating potential partnerships” 

Kerry Gaffney, Director Community & Communication, MOFILM


“A very good event and highly recommended for anyone involved in the film making industry.”

Dale Sumner – Opus Melodi

"Really enjoyed the first Film Expo South, a great event for anyone working in or interested in film production. Couldn't believe 2016 was the first one as it was so well put together and well attended without being too busy and crowded."

Louise Trigg

"The day had a bit of everything, some new knowledge, some new friends, some new opportunities and some great fun!"

Mike Sharples – Film Factory

" The show had an incredibly lively atmosphere with opportunities to network with a whole host of creative businesses as well as view short films and engage with professional speakers in a variety of seminars. It was very well run and for a first show of its kind, attracted large numbers of visitors. As a business we felt there were lots of opportunities to open up dialogue with others in the creative industries and came away with plenty of new contacts and some excellent leads."


Tracey Spice – The Photo Rooms

“As a first time Expo the quality and scope of what was on was excellent. I especially enjoyed the sales and distribution side of things which was very useful and will help us in moving forward to get our feature film made.”

George Clemens – Clemens Bros

"Just to say thank you for hosting such a great event. I hope all the sessions and presentations were well received! I definitely met lots of new contacts and didn’t stop talking for the duration of the day."

Rebecca Snook - Creative England, Production Liaison and Partnerships Manager (South)

“Fantastic event! Made some great new and unexpected connections!”

Lowri Allen

"Film Expo 16 was a fantastic event for TNT Films. We made some great connections both at our stand and networking around the event. Hard to quantify but might generate thousands of pounds worth of business for ourselves and the region's freelancers. We'll be there come '17!"

Rob Thrush - Creative Director,TNT Films

"For film production companies like mine, it was an opportunity to meet people within the industry who I didn't even know existed. For students, it was the opportunity to realise that there is a film industry in the south...It gave people the opportunity to get together and share ideas and business cards. Under one roof, Gillian gathered the great and the good, gave a platform to over 30 individual speakers, and carried off the event with style. She's set a precedent and we expect the event to return 2017."

Caroline Sax, writer/director, THE HAMPSHIRE PICTURE CO



"Film Expo South really showed how much film talent there is in the area and brought it together all under one roof. Roll on next year."

Mark Vennis – Moviehouse Entertainment



"Just to say thank you for hosting such a great event... I definitely met lots of new contacts and didn’t stop talking for the duration of the day."

Rebecca Snook, Production Liaison and Partnerships Manager (South) Creative England



"The Film Expo was such a great experience. I went away with quality contacts and I will definitely exhibit in 2017."

Kelly Mikulla – Utilise It


"a great event, like a BVE but feels more personal. Amazing." 

Michael Gould, Film Means Busine

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