Ashes To India

04 Jun

Feature Film - Dark Rom Com


Anglo Asian farce of young love transcending cultures spiced with dark humour.


Disappointed with her sweetheart Raj, English born Suni embarks on a journey to discover her Indian roots. Unbeknownst to her, she is accompanied by the ghost of Raj’s deceased mother, Mrs Shankar, who delights in rediscovering her native land. 

Along the way Suni discovers she is pregnant and meets a rich widow Mrs Chatterjee, who soon becomes the host body for Mrs Shankar with intriguing consequences.

When newly wed Raj and his father turn up in India can Suni find it in her heart to forgive them? And how does Mrs Shankar’s ghost get back to the afterlife? Can Suni and her baby restore equilibrium in this hilarious Anglo Asian farce.

A chic dark rom com, this is a tale of unconventional love transcending cultures, spiced up with laughter, tears, birth and death, set against the backdrop of vibrant Brighton and colourful India.


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Rosy Lee Productions Ltd

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