Danielle Law

24 Sep

Make-Up Artist onset for 'Gone To Ground'

What is your role as a Make-Up artist?

My role involves getting to grips and understanding what is required for Make-Up.  When it is clear what is expected from make-up for each scene, it is then a case of applying make-up looks to a high standard, making sure it flows in sequence with the film.

Describe a typical day on production go for you?

Typically we are given a call sheet, ideally the day before so it is clear what time we are expected to start work / be on set. Make-up start time is usually specified and I go through the filming schedule in order to organise which make-up looks are required for which scenes.  Working quickly is essential so the day runs smoothly and to schedule.

What training did you need before you became a Make-Up artist?

Personally I went to college and university and eventually gained my BA Hons Degree in Media Make-up.

Why did you become a Make-Up artist?

I have always loved the creativity of organising a look whether it is for a concept for a fashion shoot or a character for TV and film. The organising and planning to eventually see the whole thing come to life.  Also, I was always the one in the friends group getting everyone ready to go out...

What is the most challenging thing about make-up and how do you deal with it?

Fitting the make-up looks in with the schedule. The majority of the time scenes are filmed out of sequence so you may start with the final scenes and then have to work backwards. Keeping continuity records helps with this.  Taking pictures, making notes etc. and liaising with the director in order to work out what sequence will work best.

How did you start in the industry as a Make-Up artist?

Usually, you start off doing unpaid work, assisting, doing everything you can to get experience.  We all have to start somewhere and I started working for free whilst at university to build my portfolio and gain invaluable experience.

How have your previous projects helped you develop your skills and knowledge as a Make-Up artist?

I learn from every experience on set from timing and having to pick up my speed, to set etiquette.

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