Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter
Supporting Artist, Actor


Playing Age: 15-25

Contact: Jacob Carter

Tel: 07538 946815

Email: jacobcarter@hotmail.co.uk

Education: Arts University Bournemouth, BA (Hons) Acting (2016-2019)

Experience: (Whilst Training)


Percy Shelley/Adrian - CTRL C - Tamsin Fessey

Cainey/puppeteer - Far From The Madding Crowd - Ken Robertson

Edmund - The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe Katharine Piercey


Master Lorenzetti - The Clockmaker - Niger Tous

Jonathan - Haystack Charm - Janet Njau

Barbershop Leader - The Vacuum Nick Tuck

Friedrich Staps - World's Greatest Palaces - Woodcut Media, UKTV

Skills: LCM Musical Theatre Diploma, Violin grade 5, competent piano, singing range: tenor (G2-Bb4), juggling (3 balls), competent swimmer, longboard rider.

Spotlight: https://www.spotlight.com/1091-4506-0160 

Website: www.upsideuptheatrecompany.co.uk